March 30, 2004


You know, if I had a Jon Bon Jovi Fan Club, I don't think Jon would be over here saying "I want better buttons" or "I want a different picture" or "I don't like monkeys."

Just saying.

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We Love Frank!

All good fan clubs seem to have

--lots of pictures of their idol
--a biography of their idol
--a complete listing of the idol's works, no matter how obscure...

Hmmm...looks like Frank's already got a great fan site here.

We may have to do things a little differently...

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Frank Recommends

True fans of Frank like to eat lunch here. You WILL experience the Ninja Burger difference! For all of your Ninja shopping needs try
Commercial Ninja Services.
Frank recommends the Federation of Ninja Chiropractors to help ease the back strain brought on by long hours hunched over a computer keyboard. For your viewing pleasure checkout Cheerleader Ninjas. Frank gives it 2 thumbs up!!

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One day late--Monkey Monday!

Introducing a new column here at the Frank J. Fan Club: Monkey Monday, where we try to match up lonely monkeys with that Special Someone. Today's monkey is Peaches, from Washington, DC:


Creative chimp, average looks, always smiling about something, likes theater, ESPN, travel, ninjas. Would like a fun, intelligent, Christian fellow for friendship first, possible LTR.

Do you know anyone who might become Peaches's life partner? If so, please contact the Frank J. Fan Club with details, and we'll arrange a special fun-filled evening for the happy couple!

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March 29, 2004


Here are some buttons you can use to show your support for Frank:




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Items of interest

Everyone who reads IMAO knows that Frank is a big fan of everything related to monkeys. While it’s not quite about monkeys I am sure that Frank is devastated to think that there are going to be fewer gorillas in the world because of this tragic event. Gorilla Pair at Philadelphia Zoo Break Up

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Know Frank's Enemy: The Limey

Let's review multiple personality disorder.

A typical symptom of MPD in men is anti-social behavior. Yes, I think we have that one covered.

MPD is only present in individuals who experience life-threatening trauma before age 7.

MPD is only present in those who are Grade 5 hypnotizable. Fun fact about Grade 5s--they regress to childhood under hypnosis.

So what can we do with this information?

1. Feel sorry for The Limey and try to help him. or

2. Use this information to taunt him mercilessly.

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One reason Frank rulz

Frank is awesome. He's got a totally jank troll on a leash and just leads the thing around for our amusement--check out the comments to this post to see the silly cavortings of a disturbed multiple personality-type wanker, and the élan with which Frank deals out a smack-down. Yay Frank!!!

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March 28, 2004


Frank J has acknowledged this site's existence.

He's so dreamy. Look at that picture on the sidebar. Those mesmerizing baby blues. That debonair smile.


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March 27, 2004


When I heard Frank J wanted a fan club, I thought to myself "who better to run a fansite than me?"

Then I answered myself, "Susie, of course."

So we'll see how it goes.

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Testing! Testing!


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